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The Sky Will Always Be - A Dehacked to Decorate conversion

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I've kind of always been upset over the lack of support The Sky May Be has for source ports. There have been a few methods to getting The Sky May Be to work with other source ports, but none of them feel truly native, and has caused some sort of stability issues. For example, the single wad conversion (which can be found here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/64220-the-sky-may-be-now-compatible-with-zdoom/) runs perfectly as you'd expect, but Pain Elementals are replaced with barrels, and will crash the game if interacted with.

So as a side project while I let my SCP mod sit on the back burner, I'll be working on a decorate conversion of The Sky May Be, so we can have a stable and easy to use version of it. I'll also release parts of the mod for beta testing, I'll start with the weapons when those are done, got to figure out how to make the radiation mines and make the blessed cannon work. Monsters/killable/different behaving actors will be followed after, will be making the great god imp as a separate actor and such. And finally, when done, the map, which will be (and already has) been converted to UDMF and fully functional as close as I can get it. The door that's supposed to kick you out of doom will be replaced with an instant kill ACS code and a text message that says "I told you so".

Obligatory Screenshots:




Some of the actor sprites are left over from the Dehacked edits, so as of now the actors behave as vanilla, but animate as edited.

To Do:

Weapons: Done
Other actors: Not started
Sound: Not Started
Map: Messed with it a bit, but not started

(Weapons Download) https://www.dropbox.com/s/yawtgggwslgemkx/SMBWep.zip

(Weapons beta video)

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