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I've lost my sloped ceiling and can't get it back!

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Hello there, I'm stuck again -_-

I started making a new map for another WAD and I made my room. I wanted it to have a sloping ceiling from the edges to the middle. So then I look up tutorials on slopes but nothing on ceilings, but it's easy to figure out that you just have to reverse it for ceilings.

Anyway I had my sloped ceiling, then I started building my room. I get quite far into it and then suddenly upon one play test my ceiling is flat again and I don't know why....

It's a big room, the lowest ceiling is 2500 tall this is the bit I had sloped. The middle strip was at 5000 and the ceiling used to slope to it. Now it won't...I've taken away the sloping tag, put it back on but nothing is getting my ceiling back.

I've tried making a new room and importing all the things into it but then that goes to a flat roof. I think it is one of the structures I have built that is causing it to happen, but that kinda makes sloped ceilings a bit pointless if you can't manipulate the floor under it.

I'm using ZDoom, Doom in Hexen format this time round to build this room.

As you can see, that split in the middle is the high point I want the slopes to go up to. This used to happen but now it doesn't and I haven't touched any of the settings for it.


After looking in the builder, it seems that there is a slope, but a minor one, which isn't what I want....

So I reduce the middle ceiling bit's height down a little bit, just to have a look...and this is that has happened

There's lots of random slotted slopes in that gap....I was sure it might be something in my room, so I made all floors flat....still it happens.

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I see the problem, you'll have to apply Plane Align to more linedefs in order to repair the ceiling. That action only applies to sectors either side of the control linedef, in this case it's two narrow strips with GMGTH_9 flooring. Adding Plane Align actions to the linedefs either side of sectors 146 & 376 then adjusting their ceiling heights (along with sectors 108 & 285), will go some way towards restoring the ceiling slope. The steps complicate matters a bit but can be fixed, I'm not so sure about the decorative floor detailing.

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Well after looking into it, I had noticed that it was all of the other vertical lines screwing things up....and finding the right ceiling height and slope setting became a headache for me.

So I have so far managed partially what I intended to do

This image is right, because you can see the slopes coming to a point

But this is what I managed in the end where the organ is. It's not perfect, but I can deal with it for now. That middle bit where the floor design is, I'll just turn that into a sky light with textures or something.

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