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Lucid dreams

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The texture dreams were like instruction manuals how to use the textures, really get to know what they are.

Last night I had a dream where I told some people it's a dream, and then I got lots of kisses from a girl, but I wanted to fly a spaceship. But it was pretty fun kissing too. There had been some wild excitement earlier with "possessing" someone and decapitating horse riders with a pole axe.

Flight dreams are cool. I've had lots of them, or semi-flight. I also fly like Superman... or just point my finger or focus my view on the direction I want to go.

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Sadly I've only had 2 flying dreams in my life, and not enough exciting dreams haha. But yes, flying is very fun and exhilarating in a dream, when you feel like you can go a million miles an hour.

Only once I've become aware of the fact that I was dreaming, and I screwed it up by telling myself to wake up. So I did, at like 3 in the morning. I fell back asleep, hoping for the dream to come back, but it didn't.

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Playing LSD: Dream Emulator before going to bed has given me MANY strange dreams:

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I really wish i could gather control of my dreams more often. However, i only had 2 cases of lucid dreams so far...

The first one went on like this: I was at school, strolling around the hallways, and then i found a silver pistol in my pocket. So i ran around, pointing the damn thing at people and making laser sounds with my mouth. I pointed it at a punk classmate and said something like "Why are you afraid? It's not even real". And guess what? A few seconds later, the same punk was on the floor, with pieces of his skull lying around. So i went on quite a killing spree, scoring at least a dozen of frags and even a few cops without recharging once (It's a .45 handgun as far as i remember).
After that, i remember myself on a Harry Potter-esque flying car flying through a mossy old castle in a forest. And even later, i find myself unequipped, on something that looks like the house where i lived in 2010...except instead of 17, it had over 120 floors apparently, and i was close to the top. I tried to climb the wire when i finally realized that i was dreaming. And then snipers tried to get me. I fell down, right on a PartyVan (which was not a police van, but an actual 4Chan party van). And soon after, i woke up...

The second one was much shorter. Yet another hallway. I suddenly go lucid. I start to wake up. I jump up a little, grab my knees, group myself and spin around like many lucid dreamers tell, but the next thing i remember is myself under the covers with closed eyes.

So, that's pretty much it...

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