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Hocusdoom (new version 04-08-2018)

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2 hours ago, Lingyan203 said:

I noticed that in the original Hocus Pocus that Episode 4, Levels 5 and 6's music is different than the one used here.


I downloaded this wad and I must say it's really amazing! I would suspect that based on Episode 4's secret level name has something to do with Diamondus, which I firmly believe is going to be Jazz Jackrabbit Themed.

Oh, hey. you're right. Fixed the music for those two levels. Also you're absolutely correct about the last secret level.

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On 5/3/2018 at 2:11 AM, rf` said:

I haven't put much thought into making it fully standalone, though it shouldn't take an inordinate amount of work to do? Right now I'm just focusing on finishing the damned thing. Its been nearly 10 years now.


10 years, that's pretty crazy. How far along are you with this? Maybe you can exceed Duke Nukem Forever's development time.

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Out of 40 levels, I have 4 left to start.

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