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Hocusdoom RELEASED (in /idgames)

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Is there a way for me to give some money to you Ravage?


Hocus Pocus is my favourite DOS game, and it brings me such great joy to play it, and your MOD brought back those memories of playing the game for the first time, and for that i cannot thank you enough.

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That you for this fantastic WAD! I had great fun playing through it. At first I was worried the game would be too easy, but the difficulty nicely ramps up (with some of the final episode maps being quite brutal!) The level design is top-notch in the final episode, too.

A couple of quality of life suggestions, if you decide to do another update:
1. It would be useful to see the par time somewhere on the HUD, to know if you're on track for getting the bonus (for instance, maybe by having the HUD count down from the par time, instead of up?)
2. It's hard to use the flamethrower potion effectively, since the lingering flames block visibility and make it hard to dodge incoming projectiles.
3. The last crystal ball in Dinotopia is evil! If you try to jump you can easily hit your head on the ceiling and miss the crystal ball. You can hit it by running out of the window, but if you are too cautious, you again will miss the ball (and then have to waste a lot of time making your way back to it again).

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Just a reminder that the modified version of it to run in slower computers is ready since December 2019:

LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cy4b3dvu7k7clzp/AAA5Aju7NeDa6vZoVruhXDpJa?dl=0

Other modified mods are inside the "Other Butchering Projects" directory.


It will run without framerate drops on a core2duo laptop 1.20 GHz (that's not a typo, it's 1.20 indeed)

It's probable that you'll have to play it with LZdoom if gzdoom doesn't start up for you. (gzdoom will not start up on this older GPU despite if being fully OpenGL 3.30 compatible)


Gameplay preserved, only aesthetic changes for impact on performance.

The only substantial change between this and the original is the fact of being possible to Auto-Fire if you keep the mouse button pressed down (significantly better to play that way on laptop touchpads)

Map39 (the last final boss) will still run slow at certain points, due to the lots of portals and other things I wasn't able to track down. (this map would run fine if I opened an editor and deleted all Things, leading me to believe there's some object causing the slowdown, it's not only the size of the map this time)

No need to put my name on the credits, I'm not a "worthy" name for the community.

Excuse me while I play this great mod for the 11th time.

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