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Monster spawner

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Im trying to make a spawner for doom that will spawn a demon, every second.
can i have a bit of code to help me with this?

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For G/ZDoom

Perhaps something like this:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 100 OPEN

//     SpawnSpot (str classname, int spottid [, int tid [, int angle]])
//  72:ThrustThing (angle, force, nolimit, tid)
// 176:Thing_ChangeTID (oldtid, newtid)

    delay (30);
    SpawnSpot ("Demon", 1, 10, 128);
    ThrustThing (Random (1, 180), 20, 1, 10);
    Thing_ChangeTID (10, 0);

And an example pwad.

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