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Cardboard Marty

[WIP] The Space Pirate

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ZDoom Forums Topic (Go there for the latest updates regarding the main version, character bios, and more!)
Zandronum Forums Topic (Go there for the latest updates regarding the Zandronum version, The Space Pirate Neo!)

Welcome to The Space Pirate!
The Space Pirate is a new gameplay modification that takes Doom to new heights! Featuring ridiculously cool melee combat, a shotgun with alternate shell types, crossbows, and much more! The Space Pirate is the next installment in the Darkest Depths Universe (formerly the "Weaselverse"), which includes The Stranger, Agent Diaz: Last Hours of Purity, Agent Hernandez: Dawn of Tomorrow, and Threshold of Pain.

Open Alpha Download (G/ZDoom)

Version 0.1.2e (G/ZDoom) (Updated 05/06/14)

Open Alpha Download (Zandronum)

Version 0.1.0 (Zandronum) (Updated 12/30/13)

The Story
"At approximately 0900 hours, we intercepted a distress call from the UAC base on Phobos. From the video footage that has leaked to public airwaves, it looks like a teleporter experiment went awry, opening a portal to some hellish dimension. The entire base has been overrun with creatures from the other side of the portal, and both the Union Aerospace Military Division and reportedly the Research Crime Prevention Agency are doing their best to dispatch and rescue what remains of the personnel.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect opportunity.

If you recall, the Martian Surface Excavation Unit discovered tablets and other artifacts left over by an ancient race called the "Praeleanthor". These would go for unprecedented amounts of money if we could somehow procure them, and amiss the chaos at Phobos, we would have the prime opportunity to retrieve them. Your objectives are simple.

  • Retrieve the Martian artifacts.
  • Assassinate any and all RCPA personnel. We need to keep our tracks clean.

Good luck Mel."


Pirate Chat!
Come join us on IRC!

Make sure you are running the latest (G)ZDoom development build!

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cool stuff man. I played through a bit of prcp using this, quite enjoyed it. the melee powers are pretty fun and make me wish this had its own map pack :p

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Sneak peek of TSP Weapon 7 mechanics in upcoming update:
Video - The Space Pirate - WRATH O' GOD
Note that this is an unclamped version, the more reasonable version can't go through an infinite number of enemies like this one can. At full charge it also only deals a roughly average bfg fire (projectile and tracers) worth of damage if it hits the max amount of monsters allowed.

Also newer version uses quadratic and cubic bezel curves instead of straight lines:

Video Here

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It's spawning a bunch of actors, yeah. If you want to read the specifics it's on the git.

There's no lag or slowdown that accompanies this; even on my pitiful netbook from 2008.

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