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Jimmy's Jukebox V7: Add/remove tunes?

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I love the concept of Jimmy's Jukebox but I would like to add and remove particular songs for my own use. How would I do this?

Also after setting up tunes and leaving under Ultimate Doom, it crashes to in-game console with it not finding MAP01.

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I realize it's my fault for forgetting to update the thread on here, but you may want to upgrade to v9. It comes with a "User Jukebox" that allows you to fairly easily customize the selection of tracks/collections. :)


It should be straightforward enough, but ask me if you get stuck.

As for the other problem, make sure you flip the "Format" button in the settings room, that'll change the playlist to an episodic format and load the tracks properly in Doom 1 / Heretic.

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Ah, V9! This should help. Thanks Jimmy.

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