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Today, Zorah brings us a Doom 3 review - Demon Genes!

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From the review:

The detail on this level is amazing. Everything fits the abandoned Mars base motif, areas are compartmentalized so you have an idea on where to go next, and the facility is sprawling. Seriously, this is an amazing map. Hell, there are even logs you have to pick up to find codes; a rarity in most custom maps I've played.


And a caveat:

there is a game-breaking bug in the morgue. If you get to the exit door after the lost souls attack you, the map freezes, and you have to close the game via task manager (if you're on a Windows box). Over and over, I was getting this to the point where I thought the map was going to be unbeatable - Not for the difficulty, but just being able to get to the end without crashing. I don't know how I got through that door the last time, but Caffeine Freak, if you're reading this, please look into this bug. I'd love to mark this higher, really, but this is a huge issue that needs to be fixed.

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