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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

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Happy birthday, Mr. President indeed. Be the Marilyn Monroe to my JFK and help make my 31st birthday (crap, I'm old) extra special on the 19th.

Whatever you want to provide would be great, even OBLIGE maps (just kidding?). Although I'm getting older, I'm still trying to relive my youth and the days when SNES Doom and PSX Doom dominated my attention. Any dark, ambient or even PSX-themed maps would be a birthday gift to remember. Plus, because you deserve it, I'll take the time to personally address and give feedback to every playable level.

Blowing out candles, or blowing away imps, either way, it'll be a happy birthday.

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And here I was expecting this'd be a mod where you play as Obama trying to drive off unruly guests at his birthday party...

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Not to derail, but that does sound pretty interesting.

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