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Final Judgement, an hexen wad Beta Released! Try It Out

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This is a hexen project that I have been working on for almost a month, and it acts like diablo in the sense that instead of using hubs, each map acts like an act like in diablo2. Each map will be pretty large and have multiple paths and different ways to beat it.
I would like to point out that you will be doing alot of exploring in this wad because there will be weapons,items and mana scattered throughout the act, In fact! weapons wont be in places where you go to progress through the act but rather in places off to the side like for example a cave.
Don't forget to check houses and caves because you will most likely find weapons and useful items in them.

There will be No new weapons, however there will be a ton of new items that you can find while playing.
One example item is the Elemental orb, which you can make at a special altar in the map when you have obtained three other item pieces for it. Each item that is used the create the Elemental Orb has its own function, and once you use them to create the elemental orb all those functions are combined into one item(The Elemental Orb).
Another new item item is the scroll of fire, this scroll shoots out 5 firebolts in a cone. The scroll of fire has 3 uses before it vanishes from your inventory.
There are many other items that will be in this wad but I wont be revealing them at this time.

EXPLORATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS, exploring the map allows you to find special items that can aid you in killing the final act boss.


I will be making two versions, one with gameplay changes and one that is compatible with hexen mods like WOC and things like that.

This mod will be multiplayer friendly so ZANDRONUM PLAY YAY!!!

I will be releasing this project to the public after I finish an act, so in a week or so ill be releasing act1 and so on and so forth.

At the end of each act there will be a boss, so...BE PREPARED!!!

If you would like to see further progress on the wad, visit my tumblr at http://unholypimpin.tumblr.com/ or you can talk to me personally on the zandronum IRC in channel #Baphomet'sPG

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This looks promising except for that purple area... Well, I never liked colored sectors.

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Hey are you still working on this? You put a lot of effort into making some nicely sloped outdoor areas. You could probably release Act 1 when you've polished it enough. People begin to lose energy when big hub levels are involved anyway, making it more likely they will play a single hub all the way through and be able to give you helpful feedback for all the stuff you have coming down the pipeline.

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Okay so the first act is done map wise, but item wise it is not. I pretty much need to make sprites for a bunch of items and then add their effects.

Atm act1 is very nonlinear. You could go straight for the act1 final boss in just a minute, though you probably wont beat him or it would take very long to.

This is what I have so far. Act1 has three mage gems that you can collect at different points in the map. Each gem has special abilities that you can activate whenever you want but have cooldowns. If you decide to collect all three gems then you can go to a special place in act1 to combine them all into a master gem.
This master gem has the powers of all three gems but far stronger. The master gem will help you defeat the final boss easier.

This is the special shrine you go to make the master gem.

This map is all about exploring and finding items to help you beat the boss.
If I decide to add another act, the master gem or any gems you collect will remain in your inventory.

Edit.. Got 60% of the inventory items done, heres what they look like.

So two weeks ago I decided to do an online test with a few friends of mine, and they said that the map is so nonlinear that they got confused on where special places on the map were. I'm fixing this issue by adding map markers to this wad. Map markers will reveal themselves when you enter special places of great importance while playing.
Here is an example of some of the map markers you will find.

I'm now adding loads of secrets into act1 and many more places of interest to explore, as well as many more items.

Also this project now requires gzdoom in order to play it properly.

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After reflecting on how much I love this project..I have come to a sound conclusion!...I wont be working on this project anymore, except for bug fixing and some quality control.
Act 1 is fully finished and ready to play, is it 100% bug free? well shit I hope so!

As it stands I wont be adding anymore acts, unless there are quite a few people that like this project soo much that they bug me for more.
Maybe its just me, but looking back at the map I feel like I could of done way better and I feel like all the areas are butt ugly.

Anyways.. Hope you guys enjoy.

Here is the beta link, If you find any bugs or feel like its too hard or too easy then don't be afraid to let me know =D


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Playing through it now.

Frequent misspelling: "void chrystal" (in ACS messages and the item's definition) should not have an 'h'

If you jump behind the altar of the elemental orb, you get stuck.

It's also possible to get stuck in a hole in the void rift area where the minions arrive.

If you run away from the chaos wyvern and find shelter in a cave, it cannot follow you there and cannot attack anymore, it just gets stuck in front of the entrance. As a mage it's then possible to get rid of it by plinking it with the sapphire wand.

And oh yeah the archers really need some nerfing.

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Thankyou for the feedback Gez, I was beginning to believe that people were either ignoring this thread or were too lazy to give feedback.

Could you provide a screenshot of the place you got stuck in the void area?, because I believe the actual void floor teleports you to the beginning if you fall into it.

I'll make it so the Chaos Aspect cannot leave the boss battle area.

I nerfed the archers damage to 2-3 damage per hit, and a max damage of 9 if all three multishot arrows hit.

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