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Why can't I make the ACS script work?

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I'm starting ACS scripting in Doom, I am following the instructions under the "Script actions and parameters" content on this page: http://zdoom.org/wiki/A_quick_beginner%27s_guide_to_ACS I've done every single step, copied and pasted the code, then tried running it and saw no changes at all. Here's the code I was putting into the Doom builder 2 script:
#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (void)

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It seems the guide there is a little wrong.

"Create a sector, and put a player start, and a red key. You'll then need to give each thing an identification number."

Giving a TID to the player start won't pass it on to the player.
You can give the player one by using:

Script 02 enter

At the start of the level, the players TID will be changed to 1.

Or you could change the script slightly:


Giving a TID of 0 will usually mean the activator of the script, which in this case would be the player.

Hope this helped.

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