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Plutonia Thing: Brick Crater

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A map using the Plutonia stuff. May-or-may-not be part of something larger, won't make any guarantees.

Grab it over here

EDIT: Forgot: This map is Boom compatable and requires the Plutonia IWAD.

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I think it's cool that you're making big open areas where the player can move comfortably without bumping into anything, but you need to "compensate" that by monster placement, otherwise it will be way too easy to avoid the attacks or even just skip the monsters you don't feel like killing. Like these spiders, mancubi, arch-vile on the ledges - there is not much reason to kill them when you can just pass them by easily. The same can be said about some ground monsters in this map as well, like these hell knights - way too tempting to just ignore them since it's so easy and killing them with shotgun takes too long.

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Nice map. Indeed, a big space to move allow for skipping fights more easily, but it's not generally a bad thing (specially if revisiting areas is involved). I'm not judging from a challenge-demanding speedrunner's perspective, though. I play casually and prefer to kill all monsters in my way before advancing, as I mostly find it safer and also satisfying. I liked the Plutonia vibe, while the difficulty was easy enough that I didn't die at all! I appreciate that. Level structure / detail is simple, which is okay (and pleasant) for a classic styled wad. It's up to you whether you want to aim to higher "modern" design standards or not. Then you'd have to try harder. I personally often stay at oldschool-like level of aesthetics in my mapping, probably because I cannot do better, but that's another thing. You're doing very well. :)

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