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Time Magazine has an Oculus Rift story with John Carmack

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I was stuck in jury duty today and decided to read Time Life. I was pleasantly surprised when I randomly found a 3 or so page article about Oculus Rift's history up to being sold to Facebook.

The article kicked off by explaining who John Carmack was. Then shifted to some 19 year old that loves virtual reality and made his own headset and by headset... the article details the original alpha prototype was a mess of a box of wires and cables that you put up to your face.

It explained how they met on a virtual reality forum and like most old men chasing after teenage boys named Palmer Luckey, John wanted to see more.... of the headset of course!

So the 19 year old sent John Carmack HIS ONLY PROTOTYPE years before John ended up working for VR. Heck a long time before the kickstarter that won our hearts and wallets.

It also makes mention of another VR headset from Sony that was around when Palmer began constructing the Oculus. The Sony version costs $1,000. I've never heard of it, but it might end up on PS4.

Anyway, its all in Time Magazine. They also run down Facebook's legitimate buyouts as of late and how Oculus Rift was the cheap one.

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