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I'm dumb, but I'm having fun

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I'm doing this solely for my own enjoyment, not trying to share other people's work as my own...just thought I should throw that out there. Maybe if it works well I'll recommend the combination I come up with, but I won't distribute it. Now that that's out of the way...

I've discovered Cosmetic Doom, and I think it's a wonderful alternative to Brutal and Beautiful Doom. It works well with other mods. However, I would like to incorporate Doom 64 recoil effects, and I don't know where those are stored within a particular PK3 (D64stuffGZ). Does anybody know where it might be?

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weaponsP inside the DECORATE folder. For example the rocket launcher:

Actor 64RocketLauncher : RocketLauncher Replaces RocketLauncher
Scale 0.82
MISG B 9 A_GunFlash
MISG B 0 A_Recoil (2)
MISG B 0 A_FireMissile
MISG B 3 A_SetPitch (pitch-2)
MISG B 1 A_SetPitch (pitch+0.8)
MISG B 2 A_SetPitch (pitch+0.6)
MISG B 3 A_SetPitch (pitch+0.4)
MISG B 4 A_SetPitch (pitch+0.2)
MISG B 0 A_ReFire
Goto Ready
MISF A 4 Bright
MISF B 4 Bright
MISF CD 4 bright
Goto LightDone

A_Recoil pushes the player backwards, A_SetPitch is whats used to 'shake' the player's screen.

I made a test wad to 'replace' Cosmetic Doom's rocket launcher with one giving recoil.

It contains the DECORATE lump for the custom launcher, and KEYCONF lump so it can be equipped correctly.

(Needs to be loaded after the cosm wads else it will give an error)


Hope this helped some.

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That's HUGE. Thank you! I had actually found the word "recoil" in Weapons_P shortly before you posted this, but that still left me wondering exactly what to do with it. Now I should be able to finagle something. Then I'll work on replacing the chaingun sprite with the Doom64 sprite--because for some reason in Beautiful Doom and in Cosmetic Doom, it looks like crap.

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