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Doom Radio Program B Episode 17 - Weapon Mods

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This week's episode of Doom Radio's Program B podcast sheds some light on some of the less-talked-about topics in Doom modding known as Weapon Mods. Alfonzo and Tarnsman are joined by community members Xaser, ClonedPickle, and Minigunner, no strangers to modding Doom, who provide insight on both popular and not-no-popular gameplay mods and what makes them fun. So for now, put away your tricked-out chainsaws and shotguns. It's time for Doom Radio Program B, Episode 17!

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Hi! Interesting discussion you got going on here... :-)

I have downloaded and listened to the podcast a couple times, and grasped most of it -- but due both to the audio quality of some parts, and the fact that English is not my mother tongue, I couldn't exactly understand a couple portions of the discussion. Do you know if some transcription (or possibility of) exists somewhere on the site?

Thanks in advance!

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