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New consoles cost $400 million in energy when not being used

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Any other device with a standby mode or an "always on" usage pattern (set-top boxes, DVD players, VCRs, radios, routers, modems, TVs, computers) will have similar consumption, and there are way more non-console devices inside the average household.

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Any charger uses power even when nothing's plugged into it. That's why I never leave my toothbrush thing plugged in.

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Powerboards with an off switch are a must these days. Though honestly, the newest systems I have are Xbox 360/Wii, and it's probably going to stay that way for years given the 3 new consoles have nothing whatsoever that draws me in. I guess I'll be saving the sales price as well as the extra energy consumption :o

I wonder what the results would be for computers that are left on sleep mode rather than all the way off? I bet it would be far worse if they included businesses as well as residential places.

But hey, aside from the cash issue it doesn't matter, we'll be able to burn coal for power without any negative consequences ever, so don't sweat it!

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