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Lock and Load 6 is coming.

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It still uses EDGE (soon to migrage to 3DGE once a working inventory is available).


•Interactive weapons, equipment and corpses

•More tactical weapon inventory (limited to 5 or 6 slots; the remaining will be used for intended equipment inventory items)

•More guns and shit

The ultimate goal is to address many of the gameplay failings of the last...well, five iterations and ultimately create something to build upon for total conversions and whatnot.

That's it for now. I'll let your imaginations swirl.

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To let you know that it's really not a joke, here is the first update:

I've just finished editing the sprites for the automatic shotgun, I'm pretty satisfied with the edit.

I will still be using my old drop-down reload thing. This is actually how I want it to work. Think of it as my tribute to GoldenEye, in a way. It also keeps the action flowing because this is still going to be Doom with reloads, and the weapons are really getting toned down; the .50 magnum (AKA Desert Eagle) isn't going to kill a Zombieman in one hit (and splatter the poor motherfucker)

So, to elaborate on what I have in mind, Lock and Load will probably get a name change because while there are going to be a lot of guns, it's not about how many you carry, so much as what you carry and how you use it; yes, this is also a gameplay mod.

It's also going to be a framework as it were for world design with this mod.

Now, the cat is out of the bag.

Starting with the weapons, every weapon is going to have a pick-up script activated with the space bar; you're going to have options depending on what you're carrying.

You will have the option to pick it up (and swap with what you might have), just take the ammo, or leave it.

I have also built a menu template for other interactions. Right now, the mod is based on EDGE 1.35 which, as I recall, only allows seven menu options, but I'm going to see how far I can push that; I doubt that sub-menus are going to be out of the question, but when it comes to that (I'm not quite ready to build that framework yet), I'll find out for sure.

Corpses will also be search-able, so if you don't search a freshly-killed enemy, you aren't going to get their ammo.

Enemies themselves will be randomised based on class when playing anything intended to work with the vanilla IWADS, so the regular zombie guy is basically going to have a few different variants; this will help make it possible to access all of the different weapons when playing anything meant to work with Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom.

I'll do the same with weapons, but that's probably going to need a lot of testing to ensure that anything isn't made way too easy or impossibly hard. I have already determined my weapon classes, though.

Each new enemy and weapon is also going to have an individual ID for placement in individual maps, hubs or episodes.

Now, I suppose that I could use Lock and Load 5 as my framework, but frankly, as there are too many balance issues and I basically just shat it out (although, admittedly, I personally enjoyed it quite a lot, I recall that wasn't the case with other people who played it).

Regarding how much I will be re-using from previous versions, a lot of weapons will make it back, but there's going to be some new stuff, too.

Anyway, more to come as it comes. Expect updates sporadically, but they'll come as I have anything meaningful to post.

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This update is fairly simple. I'm nearly finished (so far) with the secondary weapons; I just need to do the different variations of the single-shot 40mm grenade launcher and then it'll be over and done with, and then I'll be able to move on to the "primary" weapons.

So far, excluding 40mm grenade launcher variants, this brings the weapons count to 25.

Other weapons that will have variations are a few of the primary assault rifles with secondary attacks and the magazine-fed semiautomatic grenade-launchers. I don't think I'm going to give this treatment to shotguns, at least not yet.

Other than exploding shells and the like, I don't think that there is anything particularly meaningful that can be done with them in that manner, at least where demons and zombies come into play.

I could be wrong; you can use pain states for a whole lot of special purposes in EDGE, but it doesn't mean that it should be done. We'll see.

If anyone has any ideas contribute, I'm open to most suggestions.

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I'm all for EDGE mods, hell yeah. But why a sequel to such an old and obscure mod like Lock 'n' Load? I can't remember much about it and doubt anyone else does either, if at all.

But in any case it'll be fun and interesting to see some EDGE mods being done again, haven't seen any for like 5-10 years. Well, apart from my projects anyways.

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