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Boom Birthday wad! -Demons On The Prey (Or something like that)

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So, my birthday is on the 22nd of May - meaning that in just two days time, I'll be thirteen! To celebrate me kissing goodbye to my preteenity, I'm working on a 3-level Doom 1 wad.


There isn't really a special feature that sets this set apart from other wads. The only gimmick (if you can even call it that) is that the levels take place on E1M7, E2M5 and E3M5. What this means is that all the levels will have one of my favourite atmospheric tracks, Demons On The Prey playing! (Darr, now we see where the name comes in.) And I have problems with XWE so simply replacing music is out of the question. Besides, I think the level names fit better...

I'll probably change the name.

I WILL be going for fun gameplay, but what I'll REALLY be going for is atmosphere. So... yeah. Bear that in mind.

Now, I'm no speedmapper so I really doubt I'll get these done in time for my birthday. So far only about half of E3M5 is done, E1M7 is only just started and I haven't even begun E2M5.



So far, all we have are pictures, but I hope you enjoy the actual wad when it comes out! :D

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