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What format should I create my levels in

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Im using doombuilder 2 to make custom levels for doom 2. It has various formats to create a level in. For example "zdoom doom in doom format" or "zdoom doom in hexen format" I want the most versatile mode that allows me to do all the original doom stuff plus more. I think Im leaning toward one of the zdoom formats, but I dont know which one is best. I want to be able to do as much as possible, such as slopes, translucent effects, ect. I noticed I can make a doom 2 level using "zdoom doom in hexen format" would their be any advantages or disadvantages if doing this? Or do most people recomend a doom format instead? If some of the hexen effects are available that would be a plus but I also want all the original doom2 effects and options. Finding out what format you use personally and why would also be helpful info.

Thanks in advance

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Since you are asking, you are probably just starting out with your mapping experience.

More and more Doomers are mapping for ZDoom in UDMF(ormat), for the simple reason
that it offers the most diverse options to accomplish what you hold in your mind's eye.
And if you like eyecandy, then of course, map for GZDOOM in UDMF(ormat).

Hand in hand with the choice of mapping in UDMF goes the choice of editor. At the moment
that would be GZDoom Builder. Or maybe Slade3, but I'm not familiar enough with it to say
that it has full UDMF support.

However, there are those who say that mapping should only be done for vanilla DOOM format.
Follow them if you want to map for a restrictive format.

A good explanation of the various formats is

Oh, I see edward850 already answered you on the ZDoom forum.

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I'm one of those people Kappes is talking about. :) If you look at things from the other side of the coin, you could say that ZDoom has too much as opposed to vanilla having not enough: some mappers might get overwhelmed by the armada of content ZDoom has when they first try it.

Maybe the middle ground? Boom has a decent bit of customizable options and no limits, but also sticks relatively close to the simplicity vanilla Doom has. If you do decide to go for ZDoom instead though, make sure you use UDMF format like Kappes Burr advised: it's definitely better to use than Hexen format.

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Ive mapped before but it's been a long time. I got as far as creating custom textures, scripts, monsters, and weapons. Back in the day I used Doom Builder 1 and designed some levels in Zdoom in Hexen format.

I have many of the fundamentals down. It sounds like UDMF format will be the way to go, Im hearing something similar in the Zdoom.org forums. One question I have is why can't you create GZdoom levels using DoomBuilder? I love the 3d mode in doom builder, it's a huge time saver.

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mikenet2007 said:

..... One question I have is why can't you create GZdoom levels using DoomBuilder?
I love the 3d mode in doom builder, it's a huge time saver.

Of course you can create GZDoom levels using Doombuilder or Doombuilder2. Both editors
support GZDoom (Doom in Hexen format) and Doombuilder2 has some support for UDMF(ormat).

But, at around Nov. 2012, when DB2 was at revision r1630, Codeimp ceased his involvement
with Doombuilder2 and 'handed over' further development to MaxEd, who introduced numerous
improvement concerning GZDoom effects. Hence the GZDoom in GZDoom Builder.

Since then, MaxEd has kept GZDoom Builder in step with the cutting edge development of ZDoom/GZDoom.
Plus he made numerous improvements in the stability of the editor, even more bug fixes and added
several features to the interface to make mapping easier than ever.

About a year ago, the revision numbering system of GZDoom Builder underwent a realignment to be
in step with the SVN DB2 revision numbering. GZDB is now at r1962.

If you are interested in the progression of Doombuilder to Doombuilder2 to GZDoom Builder then check
out the development log.

And to reiterate, just because the name is GZDoom Builder does not mean that it is only for GZDoom.
It simply means that now it's main focus is on UDMF(ormat). For a list of it's capabilities read the
first post on the ZDoom forum:

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