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How big (in pixels) are the Doom monsters?

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I am thinking about creating a mod where the stock Doom monsters are replaced with new sprites. However I want each new sprite to be about as big as the ones they replace. Does anyone know where I can get information on how big the monster sprites are in terms of pixel weight and hight?

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Slade 3 should tell you the Width/Height directly below the preview window.

If you don't use Slade 3... then at least tell me you don't use XWE, right? It eats .WADs you know!

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The Doom Wiki has stats on all the monsters actual height and width, which is sometimes different from their sprites, in case you care. For instance the revenant is only 56 units high, though it's sprite is taller, making his head look cut off if he's in a 56 unit-high sector.


If you want the actual pixel sizes of the sprites, your best bet is just to get it from the sprite data, as Jaxxoon R said. Some of the sprites vary in height/width at times depending on angle/animation frame, so there isn't really one definite number per monster anyhow.

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If your new sprites would match the actual enemy heights, it would be great. For example the above-mentioned revenant, who is in fact the same tall as an imp, zombie guys and most other monsters.

Yeah, you've got the answer. Check Doom2.wad in SLADE3 for sprite dimensions and perhaps Doom wiki for actual in-game object dimensions.

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