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Is it possible to have more than one map in a wad?

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Maybe this silly thing will actually help, not hoping for a miracle but I just started something new and I'll try to keep this thread in mind.

And of course people can do whatever they want with anything I've ever posted here, I don't mind.

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Clonehunter said:

Map01 should be a simple box with 1 imp. Map02 should be two small box rooms connected by a door of your texture choosing, with two imps. Keep doing this until Map32 has 32 rooms with the required doors along with 32 Imps.

Then after you made all your gay and boring flat rooms, go back to the start and detail the simple rooms with things like computers, stairs, etc... Just cram the small rooms full of stuff along with the imps.

This has been done, sort of. But your idea is still pure genius. I can see someone picking it up and expanding upon it by basing the whole WAD on a gimmick like fighting your way up a mountain through a series of progressively smaller plateaus, throwing in a bunch of random Boom specials to make it look advanced and releasing it as "Going Up". A zany, moody soundtrack an optional extra.

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The best way to get more than one map in a wad is to travel to other dimensions and see what your alternate selves have made then put the best of them on a flash drive and take them back to your dimension.

Make sure you don't let your alternate-dimensional selves see you or else both of you will fuse together and then explode at the speed of light, and you can imagine just how much that could ruin your day.

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