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ZDoom & DM Query

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Couple of quick questions, folks, the answers to which I could easily discover with an editor and a spare 5 minutes, but hey -- I'm lonely, and want someone to talk to me.

1) What is the best port for deathmatch? I have never actually played Doom deathmatch, and I don't want to use the new features of a port (I'm thinking ZDoom at the moment) that is useless for DM play.

2) Does the "phantom player one" trick work in DM?

3) What about scripting in DM (again, I'm think of ZDoom's scripting abilities)?

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1) Since many people use zdaemon which is based on Zdoom 1.22, Zdoom would be a good choice I guess. Othervise plain doom2.exe/boom works too.

2) No

3) ACS was removed from Zdaemon, it still works in Zdoom though.

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ACS was not removed from zdaemon, although some of it is not functional. Ever try playpen6.wad on rarefiles? ACS is responsible for the thunder, archvile flames and armor helmet rain when a player goes up to the BFG door. I don't know why some ACS is jacked on Zdaemon and some works, it caused me headaches.

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