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missing textures?

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Been working on a wad using doombuilder 2, when i tried to play it (using zandronum and brutal doom v19) many textures were replaced with blue and white checkers. Help? Resources are tnt, doom 2, and ultimate doom. Doom 2 is the master.

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Well, first of all, if you are using textures from some resources in your map, you need to load these resources when you're playing it. Are you doing this?

And I'm not sure if you can just use several iwads like that, won't there be texture conflicts? Or maybe Zandronum can solve them by itself, I don't know.

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You are using multiple IWAD textures, now you can load IWADs as PWADS but it is probably best you only use 1 IWAD instead of doing that (like only using 1 IWAD as a resource like Doom 2/TNT/Ultimate Doom/Plutonia instead of using all of them at once).

What is happening is the game is playing via Doom 2, but it tries to load resources from games that it is not playing (It cannot load plutonia textures in a TNT game and so fourth).

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