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Updated 4/22


I've been working on an excel spreadsheet that contains information about not only wads, but the maps within those wads. I wanted a way to be able to quickly load up maps by a particular author, or in a particular series. Thus began a pretty lengthy cataloguing process.  I've been kicking it around for the last couple years.  There are, as of this latest update, about 13k maps catalogued across 2k+ wads, made by ~1400 authors.  The excel spreadsheet has some basic search functionality if you want to find out who made what when, etc.


How to use the search:

Just type in whatever you want to the search box and it will filter based on that. It looks for inclusion, not exact matches. So doom would match to doom, doom 2, doom the way id did, etc. You can be more specific by using "" ie. "doom the way id did" would only find those maps.

You can use - to filter your results. ie ("ultimate doom" -romero) would result in all the ultimate doom maps that romero did not do.

You can use + to force a field. ie ("doom 2" + romero) would only result in the "doom 2" matches that romero is involved in.

You can use +/- with "", but you need to enclose the +/- inside the quotes. ie. "+doom 2"


Results show up in the "Results" tab.

How to use the results tab to create a batch loader:


The whole point of me doing this is that I use it to automatically generate a batch file to play wads.  If you want to read about that, view the below:

How this works:
1) Click the button in the "Main" tab to search for map criteria (implemented to check the map tab only, and far from perfect, see below) in order to generate a list of maps.

2) This list copied into a "results" tab, which you can then order or adjust as you like.

3) Press the "generate batch file" button on the main tab and that creates a list of batch files.

4) Copy into a text file and run as a batch. (Assuming you have correctly inputted your port path and skill level on the "main" tab.)

To run a series like the Odessa series, for example, you would search for all the Odessa maps, and the batch file will automatically load each wad appropriately and direct you to the correct map.)


Stuff about the batch file generator: I forgot to mention that the batch info that is generated works under the assumption that the batch file is in the parent folder, and that the parent folder contains all the wads. I have my own file structure for storing wads, but as I work through them to add them to this db, I copy the .wad file into a separate folder where I store the batch.

EDIT: An important assumption that is made with the batch files is that the wads are all stored in a single directory (at least the ones that you are referencing), AND that a sub-directory holds the ports.

In other words, to get this working I have copied out wads into a DoomWads folder, and inside of that folder have placed my port installs. You could also use shortcuts I think. So far if you include all the listed wads and the three source ports, the directory is about 4 gigs.

Things I'm still working on:

More maps / wads. There are obviously thousands more maps, if not wads, to go. I should also probably include vanilla / limit removing compatibility (as well as other source port specific stuff) - right now I basically just say "Boom / ZDoom / Doom" and lump limit removing and vanilla together.  I also don't distinguish which version of ZDoom or GZDoom is required (when that's appropriate, I guess graf says it shouldn't be required).

At some point I'll put this into an actual DB and then build a front end off of that, either some kind of launching program or some kind of web based thing. But that's a long way away.

Edited by 7hm

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Maybe you are trying to do something different, but is your idea something like this? I think the "additional files" thing (file 2, file 3, etc.) were not taken into account (I really don't remember, but I won't read the whole thread again).


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Using Excel 2003. I had to install VBA, it seems to be working now. Good stuff.

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Nice, good to hear it works.

Zed said:

Maybe you are trying to do something different, but is your idea something like this? I think the "additional files" thing (file 2, file 3, etc.) were not taken into account (I really don't remember, but I won't read the whole thread again).


That was the impetus for me starting this (kind of), but what hobomaster has ended up with is a little different. The problem with any type of wad launcher that doesn't have its own db with wad info is that you can't scrape files for map metadata outside of the name (if that). That data has to be manually collected. There isn't a standard format for .txt files to store the data either, so it really does become a manual process. Where the data is readily available, I'm pretty quick doing it now at least. Ideally the data from this would eventually be implemented into an actual frontend (it's just a couple csvs after all), but that's way beyond my skillset.


I noticed some issues with the wad info having to do with compatibility, so I uploaded a new version. I've also got to add something for Doom64, forgot about that.

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Double posting, but I uploaded a new version that fixes me not adding a -warp command to the batch file (oops), as well as bumps the maps up to over 3k (mostly classic series, also Tab).

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And another update.

I added a quick batch loading front-end. The results of the batch tab include not only the map results, but also the code to run the front end. Pretty easy to use, you just copy and paste the results of that tab into a text file and run it as a .bat.

Here's a picture of an exciting batch file that has been generated through excel. (It's set up to automatically go to the next map, though it waits for you to ok playing it. That way you can re-do the map if you want, or go back to the main menu and pick a different map. Also recording isn't set up yet.)

Also more maps. Working through the old doomworld top 100, slowly, and trying to grab some of the megawads people have done recently as well.

(Dunno if this was even the right forum for this. In any case I do have a general request for help - it's going to take me an absurd amount of time to do the data collection for map info. If anyone wants to help, jump onboard. Also, if anyone can take that info and turn it into something nicer than a batch file front-end, please do.)

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I'm still working on the vba component (I have a much better search system set up, but it isn't fully working yet, so I've left the original search stuff in for now), but in the meantime, I've uploaded a new version. Up to ~530 wads and ~4500 maps, and have started to run through the Cacowards. I thought I had a lot of Doom stuff downloaded (I do...) but there are still dozens of wads I'm missing from those lists, and I'm starting to hit more of the single map releases, so the data entry is slower. I'm finally closing in on (or have already) cataloging more maps than KMX E XII, although certainly not playing that many. :)

I also added a map log to the batch file - when you finish the map it will add to a log.txt file in the batch file directory that tracks the map you just completed (if you play continuous, it only tracks the first one of course, but it's good for pistol starting, which is a huge part of why I set this up in the first place). You can go into the log file and add notes if you want.

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Big time necro of my own thread.

Not that there was a ton of interest in this, but I'm still kicking it about and adding new wads to it as I re-gain interest in doom. It seems to come in waves.

Up to 630 wads comprising just shy of 5400 individual maps. The next big push will be to get Memfis maps in here.

I've also tweaked the batch template so that the recording functionality works. It puts the recordings into a subfolder called Record, naming the file record_%current%_%rng% where %current% is the map number from the batch file and %rng% is a random number. I would highly recommend renaming these on an ongoing basis obviously, because they could absolutely overwrite if you don't do so.

New link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=01313990283184777582

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A year later, another necro.

1329 wads catalogued, encompassing ~9500 maps.

Work from more than a thousand authors. The top 20 by # of maps is included here. Numbers aren't perfect, because not everything under the sun is catalogued, and in some cases maps are catalogued twice (such as with Valiant / Valiant: Vaccinated Edition, or speedmaps showing up in both speedmapping and individual collections).

Alias			Number of Maps
pcorf			301
TimeOfDeath		276
skillsaw		150
Eternal			138
Nicolas Monti		135
Memfis			115
valkriforce		110
Erik Alm		104
Kaiser			102
Kristian Aro		101
Cyb			101
Shadowman		100
Daniel			99
Jimmy			97
jazzmaster9		91
Joshy			87
Ribbiks			87
Obsidian		85
Datacore		82
The Ultimate DooMer	80
I'm working on converting this into a more structured DB, but meh. It's a slow process when I also use this to actually play maps.

Anyway the updated link is here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=38880200761099277648

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Not quite another year since the last bump, but eh, this update is big enough to necro again.


Up to 13,079 maps in 2126 wads, representing the work of 1465 authors.  I'm finally starting to reach the point where most of the megawads have been catalogued, and what's left in that area is stuff of perhaps questionable value.  However, there are still an absolute ton of single map releases to go, especially as you go back into the mid 90s. My "to sort" folder has ~1500 wads in it, and I'm sure there's other stuff of value out there - plus every time someone releases something, of course.


Anyway if this interests anyone the updated link is here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05030207161642675797


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