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Best boss fights?

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I'm looking for a mod with good boss fights like Supersonic Doom or Claustrophobia. Any suggestions that came out in the past 3-4 years?

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Ultimablah said:

I'm looking for a mod with good boss fights like Supersonic Doom or Claustrophobia. Any suggestions that came out in the past 3-4 years?

The problem with those heavily-scripted boss fights is that they don't always survive ZDoom version upgrades, even if they are a very good example of how the port can be used to enhance the playing experience.

Saying that, here's some level sets I've played that have notable boss fights:
ZDoom Community Map Project Take #2 - has a couple of mini-boss encounters and a proper boss fight near the end which takes place in a truly-epic setting, courtesy of Xaser. Not particularly script heavy as ZDoom bosses go, but exciting and makes use of some rarely-used sprites. I'd list the original too, but a giant Afrit is pretty underwhelming, as bosses go.

DTS-T - or "Dimension Time Space Traveller" IIRC; a one-man megaWAD that has a mini-boss at the end of the first level and then a final boss right at the end of the map set which is very much in the vein of the two examples you've listed (although very light on Bullet Hell).

Projects by Starscream - Starscream makes maps that are generally gigantic, incredibly well-detailed and pretty tough that end in a HeXen-style boss encounter of some kind. He seems to go by Pyroscourge now and doesn't have his later maps on /idgames, or at least I can't find them! Winter's Fury was the last one I know about, but I'd not be surprised if there's others since then (or if the links on that linked thread don't work...)

ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom - a Tormentor667-headed project where the ZDoom community really cut loose for a 30-map grab bag using doom2.wad and a load of other resources. E1 boss fight is a Vader monster with behaviour that varies by range, E2 is a fight against two of Eriance's Diabolists broken up with some scripting, which is probably the hardest of the three episode bosses, and E3 is a boss fight against a giant spider from Blood (I think) which is more heavily-scripted. My E2M0 (secret map for E2) in here is split into four sections and the 4th one is a very heavily-scripted boss fight more in the vein of the examples you've listed.

Ultimate Torment 'n' Torture - Tormentor667's compilation of the TNT series ends on an epic boss battle, but IIRC every map in that series had some kind of large encounter to end it, although it might not be a big scripted battle.

Demon Eclipse - this one is the first two episodes of something larger... Which never seems to be likely to be finished. I know the first episode ends in a pretty cool boss battle - honestly can't remember the second though; I'm not sure I ever finished it. Eriance's artwork is very good though and he is a solid game designer too.

Action Doom - just as old as the ones you're using as examples, but very off-the-wall with it's boss fights... If you can get to them past the Contra-inspired one-hit-point wonder game play. Thanks to the branching game play, you'll probably need to go through a few times and explore to find them all - particularly the one on the boat against the giant Squid monster.

Void - another oldie that has game play (and in this case, settings) pretty far out of left field, but does have a few scripted boss encounters for you to enjoy as well as various other unusual challenges.

I think that's most of the classics in something like age order, starting from "recently released" and working backwards.

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Bossed, is a very good PWAD for ZDoom which has 5 good boss battles.
Also KDIZD (Knee-deep in ZDoom) has a final level full of epic boss battles.

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