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DooM Soul

UAC HQ: A Favor for Any Willing People

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Hello Doomers. I've got a proposition for you.

I recently had to retire an old Fan Fic of mine where the Doom Guy meets Mega Man in his attempt to shut down the final Hell Portal inside the UAC HQ. I may never be able to finish the story, but I was wondering...

Would anyone, or even a group of people, like to recreate UAC HQ?

Making maps is a new thing I'm just getting into, so I'm not sure if I could do it. However, I am interested to see what you guys can come up with inside your minds, to imagine an imposing base of operations full of monsters and morphing geometry. The project could be for Vanilla Doom or Boom. If you guys are interested, I'll give an easy to read explanation of what I'm wanting.

1-The UAC HQ is underneath miles of sand and stone in the Egyptian Desert. Inside is four major areas of different scientific and testing sectors; Teleportation, Weaponry & Armory, Beta Tech, and Biome Experiments. These sectors are connected by one large room full of smaller bed-rooms to each other. You need to find a Key Card to get to Beta Tech.

2-Beta Tech and W & A are the first two areas the player will explore. There is no linearity in how you traverse through, but in order to progress, you need to find Key Cards to open a door. You can explore to find extra ammo and weapons, and check out the wierd tech that turns slime into water, and water into lava. Astounding!

3-Biome will be a forest mixed with hellish organs and red brick. In order to get to the Teleportation sector, you must find the Key Card next to the artificial Solar Sun Light Screens. This will be a very trap oriented forest, full of Spectres and Revenants.

4-Teleportation is full of portals leading to many different areas, and will be the most morphed sector. The Demons have hidden three Skull Keys inside the infested halls. Find them, open the gate to the Main Portal, and enter Inferno.

5-Inferno will be the biggest and challenging level, along with having the Final Boss, the reincarnated Icon of Sin. The final battle will be at the very end, after you find all of the Skull Keys.

This will be comprised of six levels; The Desert leading to UAC HQ, the four sectors in this order (Beta Tech, W & A, Biome, Teleport), and Inferno. These levels will be LARGE and explorative, with weapons and health and secrets and all kinds of stuff. The level of detail I'm wanting is moderate; not too much, not too little. There are some things I would like consistant in each level.

For example...

1-Weapons, Ammo, and Medikits will be found on dead bodies and storage.

2-Items like Health Bonuses, Stimpacks, and Armor Bonuses can be put anywhere.

3-Light Goggles, Armor, Soul Spheres, etc will either be in areas guarded by stronger monsters or in secrets.

4-Monster count between 200 and 400 for the first three levels, the rest 400 to 600. Not a slaughter wad, monsters will be scattered across in different areas. Tricks and traps are welcome.

If you guys are interested in this, I would really appreciate it. Bonus points if you recreate the areas described in the Fan Fic. Thank you for your time.

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"Hi there, would you please make my project for me?"

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Tarnsman said:

"Hi there, would you please make my project for me?"

Yeah....I know it sounds a little rude, but it's for anyone who's willing to try a go at it. If no-one wants to, I guess I'll have to rely on my own competence with Doom Builder. Hopefully, I'll be good enough with it to start making maps to showcase. Hopefully.

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First of all, know your limits. If you're just getting into mapping this sounds like an ambitious project. Start with something smaller, or be prepared for a very long lasting development.
Second, is there anything already done? If there is, make it seen.

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Sounds interesting, I expect the "one large room" will need to be a hub map if the player's revisiting it en route to other areas.

Pure Hellspawn said:

posting the fanfic would help. anything is better than nothing.

Already done

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Nice to see some stuff going on here. I honestly thought no-one would take interest in this, because as I re-read my post, it comes off as rude. I did not purposely mean any offense towards you guys, asking for a favor out of the blue. I just got really excited, looking for a shortcut to a bunch of maps based on a Fan Fic.

I apologize for being impatient. As I said, it is entirely up to you guys whether or not you want to try a hand at this. A decline is fine to me. I've got a lot to learn with mapping and monster placement, so maybe when I become more acquainted with Doom Builder, I'll be able to do my own projects.

I'll leave it up to you guys if you want to help me out.

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