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Countdown to Extinction demos [-complevel 2]

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Countdown to Extinction (ticktock.wad) pacifist demos

MAP01 - 0:36
MAP04 - 1:50
MAP06 - 0:54
MAP07 - 0:13
MAP08 - 0:27
MAP09 - 0:32
MAP10 - 0:42
MAP11 - 0:28
MAP12 - 0:50
MAP17 - 0:21
MAP18 - 0:24
MAP19 - 0:51
MAP20 - 0:45
MAP21 - 0:36
MAP22 - 0:28
MAP23 - 0:18
MAP25 - 0:37
MAP26 - 0:25
MAP28 - 0:40
MAP29 - 0:30
MAP31 - 0:08
MAP32 - 0:31


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Nice! All of those demos of mine can be beaten I'm sure, I just wanted to get it out there while the DWMC was still going on. Will try to improve some of them later. Also MAP02 and some others should be doable but I haven't succeeded yet.

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Countdown to Extinction Map 31 secret exit demos:

Pacifist in 0:04.40.
NM-Speed in 0:04.69.
Stroller in 0:05.49.
Nomo in 0:03.94.

Time for this wad to have its own thread, perhaps?


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It's a vanilla wad so 2... or is there some problem with it?
edit: well, I see that the readme says "May Not Run With: The original Doom executable" but that was probably added just to be safe.

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By that I meant the versions of Doom that couldn't support MIDI: I probably could have worded it better.

Also, thread! :D

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Map01 UV Max in 0:28-tk01-028.zip

Map02 UV Max in 0:55-tk02-055.zip

Map03 UV Max in 1:08-tk03-108.zip

Map04 UV Max in 1:15-tk04-115.zip

Map05 UV Max in 1:25-tk05-125.zip

Map06 UV Max in 1:05-tk06-105.zip

Map07 UV Max in 1:17-tk07-117.zip

Map08 UV Max in 1:21-tk08-121.zip

Map09 UV Max in 1:13-tk09-113.zip

Map10 UV Max in 0:56-tk10-056.zip

Map11 UV Max in 1:17-tk11-117.zip

Map12 UV Max in 1:38-tk12-138.zip

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