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Rusty Metal Deluxe Edition and Torment (Deathmatch Wads)

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i was in a rush so I put the wads both in the same folder
If anyone wants to contribute to my Nihil Project it would be really nice.
So Torment is going to start the Nihil era itself, and Rusty Metal has some maps that didn't make it to the final release, a map I made on spot, two maps from Formula of Destruction and Filth.
I haven't been active but I am making REALLY detailed maps, so be prepared to have a better experience!


So Formula of Destruction V1 (V2 is goig to be released soon!)

Filth v2 which was editied

some unreleased stuff
Failed 2 (which is the idea of Torment, to be apart of the failed series)

and to finish the thread, here is a link to my old wad collection, Uncommon Industry
Rusty Metal 2013

*BETA* well it's not complete, but I had to start somewhere... This is the BETA of NIHIL, so if you want to help, just tell me, I will take anything the is decent.

Thanks guys, haven't been very active, but I am still working my ass off haha

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quickly ran through the two wads in the first dl, feels pretty oldschool haha. neat though, I like it. on map12 of rusty metal deluxe though there's a bit where you used a wall texture on the floor, which wouldn't work unless it's in zdoom I believe. not sure how ports like odamex/zdaemon handle those, so it might be best to fix that. you ever do any single player maps like these?

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That old map? Haha that thing always has some kind of problem, like the uneven, I think Failed was the best version, but yeah there are somethings I didn't like about it, but it's like a year old now so I don't bother it too much xD
But thanks, I actually get my styles from Quake, Unreal, Doom itself, I really like old Deathmatch things on doom, Brit, Gothic DM, I have played a ton of suggested maps, I love em' haha
But that's the old school, don't want to recycle their styles, just get some new ideas for my stuff, my new stuff will be more modern, but I am not going to be like that for long

Rusty Metal is like a year old... Time passes really quick... The original had some bad maps, so that's why I had to update it, honestly I was pretty proud of how much work I put in, but maps like Range, which is map04 I believe, originally was rejected, but the map I replaced it with was horrible, it was fun to make, but I had a ton of problems with it...
Oh, did you like the map with the 3d floor? Playing Spoonman by Soundgarden? Seriously, I edited it, (cause it was bad on Formula) and I think I did better this time around

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Aw thanks man :D
I love NIИ there is a folder out there, it's call uncompressed.zip and it has every NIИ midi ever made! For now haha
But bands I never found midis for was pretty sad... I found two KMFDM midis so that's cool, NIИ and KMFDM go really well together
I would love some more MIDIs but I never had a response with an actual midi that I haven't used, or I already have... Techno is great video game music, industrial, upbeat rock, that's the stuff I am looking for

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