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The Civ

Zandronum HUD

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Many times when I play Zandronum, or any other sourceport for that matter, I like to crank up the resolution to the native 1920x1080.
Even though the HUD, (Health, face, ammo, etc.) works fine, certain things, such as the Multiplayer chat become VERY small. To the point where I have to get 2 inches away from the screen to read it.
I've fiddled around with the options, but I can't find anything to make it bigger.

Am I stupid, and just missing an option that is right in front of my eyes? If not, is there any possible way to change it?

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ah the messages, in options-hud options -message options change scale text in high res on

EDIT: talking about ZDoom here

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go to "Options"->"Display Options"->"Message Options"->"Text Scaling"->

set "Enable Text Scaling" to "On"

set "Virtual Width" to "320"

set "Virtual Height" to "200"

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