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Eternal Doom IV walkthroughs

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I have made some video walkthroughs of the Doom II megawad "Eternal Doom IV" (WAD download page). This is one of the most memorable, challenging, sprawling, and complex megawads ever. I hadn't found any walkthroughs anywhere, so I made my own.

So far I've made walkthroughs for Map 8, 9, and 10. I will do the rest soon: Map 11, 12, 13, 27.

Map 8 to 10 can be started in any order. I chose to play Map 10 first, then 8, and 9. In these walkthroughs, I found all secrets and achieved 100% kills.

EDIT Jun-08-2014: I finished the Map 11 walkthrough.

EDIT Jun-29-2014: ALL video walkthroughs are finished.

And yes, I had to use a map editor to discover some of the secrets. :) Like all the maps in the ED series, things could be pretty cryptic at times. I actually love the maps for it.

One curious thing: when I open the EDIV wad in Doom Builder, I had to specify "Hexen" as the game, not Doom II, otherwise the map display would look totally garbled.

Due to the length of the walkthroughs, I've added "chapter stops" for the videos. Look in the descriptions under the video window.

From reading old forum posts, it seems development of future maps for the Eternal Doom series has stopped. I definitely hope someone would pick this up and give it life again. Sadly, my mapping skills are nonexistent (I've tried and failed), otherwise I would definitely lend a hand.

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rabiddoomer said:

One curious thing: when I open the EDIV wad in Doom Builder, I had to specify "Hexen" as the game, not Doom II, otherwise the map display would look totally garbled.

Because Eternal Doom IV doesn't use Doom II as its engine. The map format most likely is "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format)," as ZDoom allows Doom maps to implement features from Hexen.

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I added the Map 11 walkthrough. This map has over 800 monsters, and most of them are silently spawned.

The mapper seemed to have figure out a trick that makes the spawning occur at different times, instead of all at once. This segment of the walkthrough demonstrates this. Several linedefs trigger spawning at the SAME SPOT. If the spawned monster remains stationary at the spot of the spawn (which could easily happen if it doesn't see or hear you), no more spawning will occur at that spot. The monster will have to move away, or die, before the next monster can spawn at that same spot.

The end result is that spawning occurs at a slower pace: one at a time, or a few at a time. The intention seems to be to have a non-stop, steady supply of fresh monsters coming into the map, even late in the game.

Map 11 is just a warm-up for Map 12, which has about 1100 monsters! And most are silent spawns as well. I'll be doing a walkthrough for it next, which will be a three-and-a-half-hour video that likely nobody is going to watch to the end. :)

I'm not against silent spawning in dark, creepy surroundings, which actually adds an eerie feel that makes gameplay enjoyable. But in bright, open areas, having monsters suddenly pop up here and there just looks and feels ridiculous.

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I have finished ALL video walkthroughs of the 7 maps. The process was actually kind of enjoyable to me despite the great sizes of these maps. I have also started to post text walkthroughs at Doom wiki. I was able to obtain high quality map diagrams for the wiki articles. Someone made a python script that extracts vector graphics map diagrams from a WAD file. Here is a PDF file containing a very high quality diagram of Map 27.

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