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Door textures needed

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I downloaded the "Various DOOM Keys" from realm667, which includes a silver and brown key. I want to use those keys but I don't have the textures to use for the door markers.

The only thing I have is this texture, but it looks more like a white door marker to me than a silver one: http://postimg.org/image/jk7cx2445/

I just need the keycard markers, not skull ones. So yeah, can someone create some silver and brown door markers, if they don't exist already somewhere?

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They very probably exists, but I don't know where. In the meantime, I can recommend you one thing:

Learn to use SLADE3's recolor feature and texture creation, really, you'll find it very useful and your possibilities will become much less limited.

Select a patch (i.e. red door trim patch, which is "W46_38" in Doom2.wad), duplicate it and rename, insert in your PWAD. Then select "Graphic->Color remap" on it. Define a color range which will be translated into another color range. For example, you can take the red door trim and change red to brown. Eventually add the patch to TEXTURE1 ("Graphic->Add to TEXTUREx", when TEXTURE1 and PNAMES should be present in your wad, copied from Doom2.wad, you know it). SLADE3 allows you to edit texture entries by double-clicking TEXTURE1. You can find your new patch on the bottom of the list, change its height and width and add patches, to make the trim actually 128 units tall and properly working in vanilla / Boom.

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