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Questions About Phase I Level Content

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I have just recently sat down with FreeDoom with an eye towards contribution towards the project.

I am trying to find a place to start contributing toward Phase I level content. As such, here are my related questions. Also, these questions are based on the daily builds.

1. Why does Episode 1 have no boss level and episode end trigger?
2. What is the theme of Epsode 2?
3. E2M2 offends my sensibilities of level design, can I make major revisions?
4. Why was Double Impact adopted as Episode 4?
5. [Added in Edit] What compatibility standard does FreeDoom target? Boom? Is there a prefered source port to test maps in?

While I am at it, if anyone has a favorite Doom level design resource they'd like to share I would love to hear about it.

Thanks you for your time,

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Freedoom1 is still very unfinished, lots of missing or unfinished things. Double impact was added because it was submitted. Boom is the target, though vanilla is also good.

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