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Different Item Pickup sounds. Zdoom.

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I have been working on my first Zdoom wad with scripting. Doomed Space Wars.

I obviously figured out how to change the music when walking over a linedef, etc. But is there any way I can change the sounds for item pickups. Say each item (like a certain Shell box) has 80 script execute action in them which executes a script to play a different sound on pickup.

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There's a much better solution - DECORATE. Just define a new class of ammo pickup which behaves the same like the original, but has a different pickup sound. Put a piece of code like this into a text-based DECORATE lump and put it in your wad:

actor ShellBox2 : ShellBox 14891 {          // New thing derived from ShellBox, new editor number
  Inventory.PickupSound "my_pickup_sound"   // New pickup sound
You'll be able to put the box into your map as a thing with editor number 14891. If you were mapping in Hexen/UDMF format, you'd see the entry by its name in a Decorate thing category, and select it easier, but the number is always enough.

Note that to define the sound, you'd probably also need a custom SNDINFO lump in your wad, with a definition like this:
my_pickup_sound PICKUP2                     // PICKUP2 is the actual name of the sound inside the wad

EDIT: I assumed that you actually wanted different versions of Shell boxes with different pickup sounds in the same wad, if I misunderstood and you wanted it to be a dynamic change, say so.

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The one thing about the above tutorial that I would change is adding "Replaces ShellBox" instead of a new DoomEdNum, that way you don't have to go through the trouble of selecting the custom version of the same actor every time.

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