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Negative mouse acceleration

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So, I recently learned that this is a thing. For god's sake, why? What is it that developers intend to accomplish with this? The best thing I can come up with is that it's intended to flatten the speed curve, simulating no acceleration by compensating in the other direction, assuming that it's turned on in the first place (and isn't directly reading the mouse). Anyone have a better guess or actually know the reason this has been implemented in some games as of late?

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I can imagine this being a feature in driving or simulation games, where steering over a certain point would result in an automatic compensation of sorts, but it'd be weird in nearly every other context.

Then again, it depends on how exactly it's implemented: does acceleration simply decrease to zero until response becomes linear or ceases, or it can actually reverse directions?

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It gives you smoother turning animations, because characters have time to start flailing their arms like they're going for a triple axel. How cinematic and natural! I always turn my whole body when I want to look sideways, because my neck only works when my eyes are fixated on boobsmission critical item, so points for immersion! Snappy turning and greater movement control is so 90's anyways. #oldcrap #gamepads4lyf

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