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Horror mods/TC-s for doom engine

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Fusion said:

I had grand plans for map32, the entire layout was complete on paper.

The idea of the level was actually quite unique. There was going to be a single super monster that stalked you and was nearly unkillable.. this idea is overdone today with Steam and all those hunted style horror games, I still have all the old diagrams/plans.

I actually started remaking Map32 years ago both for DOOM and for Zombie Panic Source, too bad real life got in the way and for what I wanted to do I just didn't have the time.

You really need to keep making that level! Just because there is a lot of that on steam doesn't mean that a doom mod with that wouldn't work!

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On 2/21/2017 at 9:06 PM, MetroidJunkie said:

I'm shocked that nobody brought up Total Chaos yet. (I wasn't aware the post is as old as it is since it got bumped by Evillus)


You won't find a more polished Horror TC for Doom, in my opinion, even though it's obviously in early Alpha stage.


Holy fuck. Are you sure that's doom?

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1 hour ago, AdirBlaz said:

Holy fuck. Are you sure that's doom?

It works with GZDoom 1.9 or newer :D

...Also it isn't exactly a horror mod , but Castlevania:Simon's Destiny <3


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