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DOOM lovers in the UK

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mrthejoshmon said:

Us British people should create a megawad together, what it would be about is really anybodies guess.

Something Guy Fawkes themed? A Doom equivalent of V for Vendetta maybe?

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What are any of them about? Killing stuff and not being killed.

DooMAD said:

A Doom equivalent of V for Vendetta maybe?

Doomguy leads a strike among UAC personnel and causes a worker's revolt over shit pay, short lunch breaks and constant demonic invasions. Nobody turns up for work so nobody's there to close the gates when -- as per usual -- Hell turns up for another party on some moonbase somewhere because the UAC CEO is a spiteful shit. Guess who has to go and clean up?

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Liverpool here (Well....Wirral.....No I do not have 2 extra fingers or any other deformity brought about by inbreeding)

And while I've not had any experience of putting out any decent maps (outside of joke ones)I'm well down for the idea of a national WAD like Russia's Whitemare.

Assume this goes ahead, what would the requirements be? Vanilla? Limit Removing? Any Deadlines? I'm cautiously interested, mainly because I want to do this but i'm wondering if I can match up to the quality needed.

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All about COD and FIFA over here (COD sucks but I do like sport, so FIFA's alright).

Also, hope I get my mapping skills up to scratch if this British Megawad thing will go along, otherwise always up for testing.

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Captain Toenail said:

A megawad could be cool. What about us Scots though? We may not be British anymore in a few months. :P

Heh, I was just about to make much the same post.

Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure that the good captain and I live (or lived - I think he went away to college) within a few miles of each other.

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purist said:

Oh really, what part? I'm in Hull, which is East Yorkshire. I have Steam but only because I needed it run Football Manager. Other than using it to play that I don't know anything about it to be honest.

Sweet, I know Hull of course. I'm usually in York, but I'm at my parents in Barnsley at-the-moment. Steam is a fantastic community mate, especially if you like creative games and exchanging maps/ideas. If anyone wants to add me, I'm englishEssence.


I live in Lancashire and love Doom. The better county to that Yorkshire one. :D

Ha, I like that you do wad reviews on youtube. I've subscribed to you.

Hypnotoad said:

There's a few of us that sometimes hang around in #brit on the Zandronum irc network.

I've just joined as unbirthday. If anyone else knows good irc channels, let me know.

I'm all up for the idea of a British megawad. Not ever been in a project before xD Never even released a map yet haha.

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I'd be up for contributing to a British megawad, although my mapping skills may be a bit rusty.

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Sodaholic said:

Have you tried to make it console-gamer friendly? I.E. use gamepads and HDTVs. Paging 40oz to this thread, he's done a setup like this.

If worse comes to worse, you could try the Xbox 360 ports. Of course, that restricts you to IWAD only content.

I know this is late but, you guys don't have to use those garbage console ports. Get doom legacy v1.42 on two computers on the same network, get 4 usb gamepads + XPadder.exe, which lets you map the functions to any button, type +splitscreen 1 and +deathmatch 3 if you want to DM, and off you go. No need for those bastardizations. Hell, you can even use all those custom WADs out there.

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