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Do Freedoom md2 files exist?

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I have seen md2 models replacing all of Doom's sprites but does anyone know of any md2 models for Freedoom's sprites?
Not using Doom characters to replace Freedoom ones but instead 3d replacements of Freedoom's own characters.

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As far as I know, no 3D models exist whatsoever for Freedoom (although I'm pretty sure some of the monsters were made via Blender).

But, in my opinion, I don't think any models should be made until some of the sprites are cleaned up. I mean, most of them are great and look near-professional, but some (like the new stalagmite sprite, which is a tree with similar-shade leaves, the ArchVile FireBringer, and the Revenant Undead servant, which looks like a humanoid demonic elf rather than a undead creature)... yeah.

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Joe667 said:

Undead servant, which looks like a humanoid demonic elf rather than a undead creature)... yeah.

Kind of looks like a scamp from TES.

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Some of the monsters look horrible, if models are made of monsters like the Cyberdemon replacement, those should be used to generate new sprites. Preferably, any such new models should be high-poly with fine details done in ZBrush, since it would look better for prerender purposes.

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I re-made an decent rev (black with red device on chain) only last year (thereabouts).
Tackle something that has not been fixed yet.

It is better having something for the Cyberdemon, but that three legged thing still looks like something from another game series.

If any md2 models are going to replace existing sprites they should be
a little better than a 100 polygons. There would be need to be quite a bit of hand touch up. Models that are more than 100 polygons are probably too complicated for run-time rendering. There is no point in telling me how fast you can render one 300 polygon model when the problem is rendering 100 of them in a scene where we have to cull our current flat sprites. You could easily make the models only usable by the richest 10%.

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