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The Lunar Aztecs

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I decided to release this separately from my Lunar Republic project because I thought it would be too obvious to add a remake of another mapper's level in my wad. So here it is alone; Paul Corfiatis's level from the very first Death Tormention remade using the Darkening 2 texture pack which this wad requires to run and a port that allows the transfer sky linedef action. Music is also by Paul and is from 2002: A Doom Odyssey. Hopefully Paul would see this and give his opinion as well as others who will download and play it.


Comparison Shot: The moat which separates the start to the rest of the level.

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You set up the sky transfer incorrectly. You're trying to transfer a texture called RSKY1 but there is no such texture in doom2's or dark2tex's TEXTURE lumps, it's only a patch. That might work in more error-friendly ports like ZDoom but in PrBoom-plus for example you'll see AASHITTY sky.

Also I think you should have actually linked to dark2tex for convenience.

Anyway, cool map there, I like Death Tormention and I like The Darkening 2 so it was neat to see them merging together. I don't like how you made the mountains though, it's just a bunch of fat pillars of various height, looks rather unconvincing\artificial. Here is an example of more interesting mountains I think: http://i.imgur.com/t4DJqAD.png (on the left)

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i see, will upload a fix soon. the rock-face formations can't please everyone; i just made them in my own way and style.

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Made that junky map way back in 1998. It was my first ever map for Doom 1.

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