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(Unoriginal, but unknown) MIDIs to put in wads - link

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Hello. Inspired by one Memfis's post I've read a really long time ago, I've started searching for music on vgmusic.com. During a longer period of time, I've listened to many of the MIDI tracks there, picked those which felt (at least a bit) Doom-like and sounded good at the same time, downloaded them and put in one folder. I intended to use the MIDIs in my wads and give credit. Since I've preserved file names, the tracks and details about them can be easily searched at vgmusic site.

I thought I might link the folder (with more than 100 MIDIs in it) for others to use, to have a quick, handful and appropriate music source for their Doom wads.

Pros: The MIDIs are (mostly) unknown / unheard / not overplayed, at least as far as I know.
Cons: The MIDIs are, of course, unoriginal (not my work).

Let me know if I should share the whole MIDI folder or not. If nobody had convinced me that it'd be an inappropriate treatment with a random copyrighted material and that searching for random good music should be let to everyone... Tomorrow I would post it.


Right, so here's the collection, which I call "Good midis for Doom wads": http://www.sendspace.com/file/vnn4da

These are just random midis from vgmusic that I've collected,
not my original work. I've picked them because they sounded
good and also at least partially "Doom-styled". If you're
going to use them, remember to search for the respective
file name on vgmusic.com and give proper credit to the midi
source / creator, if you're concerned - and you should be!

P.S. - Aside from serious music, there are a couple mock tracks too. And anyway, not all of the midis might be that good. The directory is simply... My midi directory. :)

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I say do it. Even if I'm personally unlikely to ever use any, having more resources is always nice. Especially if it means I won't hear D_RUNNIN again.

vgmusic.com has a lot of good stuff, but finding it takes a lot of sifting through crap.

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I posted the folder of 104 midis, check the OP. ;)

If you have your own Doom-suitable midi collection that you don't mind sharing, I'd be interested to see it as well and you could post it - or maybe at least the list of file names or something, so anyone could find the midis on the internet himself. It might possibly be better. Anyway I posted the files themselves.

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