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Castle Does Episode 09: Making Of Canyon Of The Dead from No Rest For The Living.

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Kaiser said:

Cool stuff. I'll be looking forward to seeing more.

My next Doom related video will be making a new Doom 2 map designed for GZDoom/Brutal Doom.

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Really liking it so far. very intersting and helpful stuff to know and then to apply on your own maps. keep it up!

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Yeah I like the little "design philosophy" bits you added in there. There are so many little tricks about making a good Doom map that you don't necessarily pick up from modern FPS level design. Doom maps are definitely about creating a smooth flow for a superhuman player with all kinds of mobility advantages over the monsters. And to be able to create level geometry that gives a lot of advantages to the monsters in order to "level the playing field" without making the player feel like he's being punished and he has a lot of options to tackle the challenges the designer implements.

No Rest for the Living was pretty solid, I played it on the PS3 port and had a blast.

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I added the videos to my Watch Later because I haven't played the episode yet and I don't want to be spoilt :-)

By the way this new episode is playable in the original doom2.exe (in Dosbox with the doom2 plus executable, modified to remove hardcoded limits)

But still I'm gonna play it with GzDoom.

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