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Titles like Superwad or Ultrawad really imply that there would be many maps, which makes me disappointed that there's not, because Memfis's maps are simply great.

So yeah, this is a beautiful map in its simplicity, which gives a noticeable Doom E2 feel, as well as Memfis's own feel. I see a similarity with an awesome wad Back To Basics, if it was intentional, it's a good tribute. Since I was in no rush, I could enjoy the map well. The environment looked pleasant and easy linear gameplay was spiced up with some jumping / straferunning parts - and it kept to be interesting for me. Overally, I don't have why to complain, I can only be glad for having a good time with the level. I cheated to get secrets - both were well done and hidden.

By the way, once again I let myself to be killed even in this top-easy map on standard UV (low health -> shotgunners), shame on me. :|

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scifista42 said:

Titles like Superwad or Ultrawad really imply that there would be many maps

I never thought of it like that, super is more like in superman, but I guess if you compare it to Megawad then it might seem like there must be many maps. I came up with the name Superwad because I was watching an anime called Super Gals at the time. Greatwad is also on the way but I don't know if I'll finish it.

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All right, I gave this one a spin, bearing in mind scifista42's warning about "surprise BOOM" sergeants roaming around. A few memorable moments from my FDA. [recorded prboom 2.5.0, skill 4 hmm it was supposed to be complevel 2 but looks like I forgot to specify so whatever the default is]

  • Rounding the first corner and coming face to face with a barrel. Always an innocent surprise, except when it isn't. ;)
  • The lift ambush after the RL secret. Simple, yet effective: monsters from two sides except for the direction I was expecting. And at some point I missed the green armor secret.
  • The strafe-platforming was well done. I wouldn't mind seeing a lot more of that in vanilla formats. Also, the occasional repopulated areas to guide the player to the right path.
  • The use of the color blue on the carpets and walls. Can't complain and it seems comforting.

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