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gcw zero

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Its a handheld console that made a bit of a splash last year. OK fine it was funded about the same time the ouya was so got drowns out by that thing. Still it has funding and even though there were delays its a thing. Friend of mine owns one. I've got one on order.

It does console e ulation ranging from 8 bit Atari up to the 16 bit era (it could do PlayStation and Dreamcast but not a lot of effort is going there so while proof of concept emulation is a thing it isn't very good.) Ok fine it emulates stuff so what? Completely open toolchain based on Linux, has SDL 2 (though 1.2 is more stable at this point) and some other standardized libraries like python.

There are also a few doom ports (odamex and chocolate are the two that come to mind,) as well as eduke32, decent, quake, AMD an assortment of homebrew games.

Main page and also leads to store links if you want to buy one from thinkgeek or other non us based retailers. However thinkgeek is your best option.

Recentish YouTube review. Please note most of their software is in the forums linked to from the main site. The curse of a low numbers compared to the glut of Chinese tablets.

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It looks good, and I like the idea, but I already have SNES emulation on something as old as GBA. The CPU seems .4 too slow for most games that can use 360 controllers on Steam.

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This kind of "open console" keeps popping up from time to time, and has existed ever since the mid 2000s, at least, in various forms. There must be a good reason if the concept didn't quite "fly", and today there's also the factor of smartphones: similar hardware, similar OS, similar capabilities, definitively better software support, more uses.

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You disappoint me with your snobbishness.

'Must be a reason these things haven't succeeded'

'Its too slow'

It's got a 320 x 240 screen. Its not aimed at modern. And since it doesn't have to drive an HD screen it can handle a potentially surprising list. Hell the only reason it doesn't have better PlayStation/n64/Dreamcast support is mostly because most developers have only had a few months to play with the actual hardware.

Ok fine smartphone can do basically all of this but android naturally has input lag that can't be overcome, and this is dedicated hardware. Nobody's saying this is going to be a DS killer, but there is a market for these things (the fact they keep cropping up rather than completely die out should be telling.) I picked one up because I don't want to do Mario or doom on my phone.

Hell the thing can run half-life, or at least a sorta working demo version as of a few months back before proper gl-es was put in.

That USB support isn't better right now disappoints me but its being worked on as a priority so you could use this thing as a retro console for your tv . just plug player two in or run a splitter so both of you can use ps2 like controllers...

Sure its a niche, but at this point so is freaking doom itself.

Also while your phone can run near console level graphics its real cost is probably $500 or so if not more. You only pay what you do because it's spread out over your two year contract and the stupid thing is designed to break in two years so you have to go get another one. I don't know what the zero's lifespan is and the fact you have to unscrew the back to get at the battery bugs me, but I'm sure its relatively straightforward to replace other than that.

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So it'll be all the rage playing games 15 years ago. I have a 15 year old GBA that does that. I have an emulation cart. Product looks great, I just can't say that I want to play HL1 on a handheld when I have a laptop to play HL1.

Maybe its better if you've got kids that want handheld games. Its better than a phone, just for the controller in general. However, there are controller add ons for smart phones. I see them a lot now.

Hopefully I don't sound too snobbish, but again, judging from the 1 gHz processor, it can't play Wrack, Ittle Dew, Super Meat Boy, and other new school retro games. BUT it can play Oniken, which is a true old school game in a modern era.

I'm sure in non English speaking countries there are other knock off consoles that do similar things for a cheaper price. I like the HDMI cable output... because when you're stuck at a hotel, you want to pair your handheld with a TV.

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The reason why they do not break trough is the fact that people would rather buy a brand name tablet or handheld with more processing power, and less scary warnings about destroying your OS and Games with an update... How many modern gamers would still buy a handheld stuck in 2D country or just enough power to run 2.5D.

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Not my thing, I dont like emulators and prefer to play my games original systems even if it cost some money to acquire games for rarer system

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