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HQ texture rendering

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Good evening everybody;
This might be mentioned repeatedly, I did check out some websites " doom.wikia youtube " none of'em helped. So the problem I'm having is about adding hq textures do my wad through slade.
1- I created my map, then opened slade.
2- Added some custom textures with high resolution (converted them to doom graphics format, and added the markers "PP_START" and "PP_END".
3- registered the entries into "PNAMES" and "TEXTURE1".
4- went back to my map, open the textures tab, there they are, but they are ugly-colored and huge.
Noted that I've seen wads rendered perfectly, I tried to re-add them in PNG format but they didn't register into "PNAMES" and "TEXTURE1".

What am i missing?

thanx in advance.

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Just use a zdoom TEXTURES lump, don't bother with PNAMES and TEXTURE1 since your map is already going to be zdoom only with hi res textures.

Once you have them all in the textures lump you have to scale them in the lump according to however they are intended to be scaled (2x, 3x, etc.) You could also scale the textures on the linedefs and sectors in the map itself if you're using UDMF, but that would get tedious doing that for each and every linedef and sector.


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