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Zandronum Crashes when joining netgames

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Hey guys
So as the title says Zandronum Crashes when joining netgames,i used to play it fine with no problems but now i can't ,all i can read is "Requesting Snapshot" on Console after joining netgames and the game is completely frozen .. i updated the graphics card and DirectX Version but i still can't .
Device informations :
Graphics Card : 64mb
RAM : 512mb
Operating System : Windows XP Service Pack 3
DirectX Version : 9.0c
i tried to :
* Reinstall the game
* Change game path
* Removed all Pwads and Re-downloaded them using Doomseeker
The game runs fine before joining netgames,and then it crashes when i do .. ,is there anyway to fix this ..??

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Tylerisepic1 said:

Zandronum is very glitchy

I beg to differ.
It runs pretty swell.

However, it's the only source port I've used, so what do I know?

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Didn't you know,i'm using doomseeker for Zandronum,it doesn't support any other Sourceports..it's ok i just noticed that i installed a new MIDI Device,i removed it and everything is alright now .. thanks for helping .. your methods will be useful for future Problems

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