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[Vanilla]Sector Light Change linedefs

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I am currently trying to use Linedef action 104: W1 Light Change to Darkest adjacent. In Doom Wiki:

Each tagged sector is set to the minimum light level found in any adjacent sector. The tagged sectors are changed in numerical order, and this may influence the result.

I have dummy sector 20 with tag 17, along with several others in index range of 300, which should be affected. Target brightness in that area is intended to be 80.

Yet, it is not working. In linedef action 35, it works as it should be, but it is too dark. How I can make it work?

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One thing to note is that each tagged sector is treated individually -- e.g. if one of the tagged sectors has no neighbors, or all the neighbors have higher light levels, then that sector will not be affected.

So your dummy sector(s) needs two halves, one with the exact same sector as the one you want to affect (i.e. in the editor, when you highlight or select the sector then both the normal part AND this little half of the dummy are highlighted). The other half is the dummy part, with the darker light level and no tag.

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It works now, that matters much.

I had two dummy sectors, one dark and one tagged, but I should have known that I need joined sectors adjacent to dark sector. :/

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printz said:

Don't some sectors become pitch black?

That would be Linedef Action 35 (and 79), W1 (or WR) Light Change to 35. But with Linedef Action 104, you can create lighting fitting for you.
If you mean that it would make other sectors darker than in the intended dummy sector, no.

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