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Doom 2 map 13 strange glitch (BFG edition Xbox 360)

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So I was playing Doom 2 on my Xbox 360, (on doom 3 bfg edition) I was almost at the end of the level and then this happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS9Fwg5VVeI I don't know what caused this to happen or maybe even i left something undone in the level? Can't be i've played this level a lot. Don't know if it happens to everyone, but somehow i don't think so. Maybe I just caused something in the game to break :D If anyone has any idea what this glitch is about let me know. Now i don't even care about finishing the level anymore just want to know what this is about.

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So thats what this is about. Now i have to complete the map again from the pistol start. Thanks for the info.

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