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Hell in Hell demos [-complevel 2]

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Hell in Hell, 32 short action-packed levels by Nathaniel Carll with 0 demos so far... Well, here is one.

MAP05 UV-Max in 2:56

P.S. I used [hi] because [hh] is taken by Holy Hell; any objections?


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Map 01 UV-Max in 0:41. I think sub-40 should be possible.

Map 17 Pacifist in 0:03.54.
NM-Speed in 0:03.57.
Nomo in 0:03.20.

I tried Stroller for map 17, and I think 0:05 is possible, but it's tough. Might continue working on it later.


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I am now a dirty table filler.


D2ALL UV-Speed in 1:04:55

Requires a patch wad for the icon of sin on the final level to actually be killable, gonna improve this and shave off like 10 minutes since i forgot the switch combination on map 30.

Patch: helinhel30.zip

Demos: helinhel_demos.zip


Some of these are better than others:

Map 13 UV-Max in 8:30

Map 14 UV-Max in 6:55

Map 15 UV-Max in 4:33

Map 18 UV-Max in 3:37

Map 19 UV-Max in 4:57

Map 25 UV-Max in 3:25

Map 28 UV-Max in 6:59

Map 29 UV-Max in 8:20

Map 30 UV-Max in 6:47 (also requires the patch)


Map 18 UV-Speed in 0:11

Map 23 UV-Speed in 1:22


Map 23 is the one map that cannot be maxed, but a fix should not be necessary since the map can actually be completed(there are in fact two exits).

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