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Escape from Skull Dungeon - solo Doom2 map

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Finally finished this damn thing after a long period of mapper's block and general struggling with the layout. A tough battle in a creepy mad scientist castle populated with undead and a handful of lesser demons. Health and armor are a little tight; ammo slightly less so. Could use some feedback, good or bad, on gameplay, textures, etc.

Get it here.

Cursed by a petty god for your insolence, you are doomed to wander space and time, battling supernatural evils for the god's amusement. Somewhere in Austria during World War II, you have been captured by the undead servants of the mad Dr. Gore and locked in the dungeon of his dreaded castle, where he continues to reanimate the dead as hideous cyborg monsters. Shut down Dr. Gore's laboratory, destroy his creations, and flee the castle.

(Not Entirely) Up-To-Date Screenshots!






PS: Also was still hoping for feedback on Derceto.

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I like this map and your mapping style in general, Impie. It's kind of unorthodox and oldschool-feeling, while it looks okay, structure is rational and intuitive (which I appreciate) and gameplay satisfying. Even the occasional revenant shotgunning turned out to be enjoyable.

It was an easy map (lot of ammo), with a semi-linear progression, but none of these characteristics spoiled my fun at all - so I've found it pretty good. I felt that I have time, no rush, the atmosphere of the map worked well (+the music). I've enjoyed consequently exploring the map - moderate detail usage (while a bit unpolished in texturing) kept the environment interesting to explore.

I liked the secret where I had to run all the map around to get there. Such gimmicks - if they're not done as annoying - spice up a map nicely and I find them great, keep using them! :) It was a shame that the secret only gave me a RL, which I had already had.

A thing which I consider a bug: Before the plasmagun room, there is a silver pillar supposed to move up and down, but you can access its place before it starts moving. If you fall to the nukage then, you die without a possibility to escape. Make the pillar move already when you first see it. Also be aware that the whole ascend-descend procedure takes quite a lot of time for an impatient player.

I don't have complaints, I've enjoyed the map greatly as it is, it really worked / flowed well. What I'd recommend (for next time): Try to limit ammo count a bit more. Try to increase the challenge by a better harmful monster placement. Don't make the player bump into tables / detail structures too often, provide him space. Reduce design choices that slow down pace, like those very slow perpetually raising floors. If you want to ascend your mapping a step higher from oldschool, work on improving texturing and aligning, and challenging gameplay, and improved-looking quazi-realistic environment, and height variations even a bit more - but you don't have to do it, your style is very nice.

But mainly - keep mapping. ;)

I'll check out Derceto too.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback man! I'll be paying this map another visit and tweaking things here and there. Actually forgot I already had a rocket launcher in that one area, so I'll have to put something nicer up there...

EDIT: Tweaked the download already if you wanna take another look at it. Changed the main secret item, but left the rockets; downgraded or removed a few ammo pickups; made the dining table narrower; raised the slime pit a bit and had the platform activate upon entering the lab; a couple minor furniture tweaks.

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