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looking for feedback on my wads

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Hi, im kinda new in the forum (yet i have a kinda old register in doom world forums) first i joined here to help with some maps for freedoom (map15 and map28 for Freedoom phase 2 and E1M5, E2M5 for Freedoom Phase 1)

however im not a new mapper, but i have my time mapping and some unfinished projects never released to the public (i used them mostly for coop play with friends).

there was a project i was making with some friends: http://darkmoon-doom.blogspot.mx/ and i should thank to urric with his awesome textures (the doom3 like box texture, the same with the new animated door textures and the swichtes), and i dont feel that im going to work that wad for now. but well this is not the reason why i made this post.

------------------- Finished Works ----------------
Map12 donated for Freedoom2.wad
Map15 donated for Freedoom2.Wad
Map28 donated for Freedoom2.wad
E1M5 donated for freedoom1.wad
E2M5 donated for freedoom1.wad

D2TWO: https://www.mediafire.com/?9w2nw0tl83o98ig (Boom Compatible or with any boom based sourceport)


============= Unfinished Work ================================
all the wads use: zdoom/gzdoom as sourceport

NR: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4zdh2hcr0b5wi3u/NR_mapa_de_pruebas.rar (SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/Qd6Du#0)

this wad basically the first one i made for gzdoom and its at some point "marine vs marines (zdoom marine) in some uac base in neptune, after the invasion to earth, the government decided to close any UAC facility to avoid any disaster like the one happened on earth, however the UAC didnt like the government decision so they decided to hire some mercenaries marine to protect their bases in neptune. (bad marines always the gray one, i got a suggestion to make the marine kind diferent so you know what kind of weapon they carry) its possible to do this in zdoom? to make an actor that use for example marine shotgun can have a marine with shotgun skin? well anyway i think im not going to work this one anymore. but i liked what i did on the map06: factory.

Gherenew: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d01uni2fo9rigq0/gherenew.zip(SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/eAHVp#3)

i always wanted to make a Heretic Wad, this one its for gzdoom/zdoom. after Dsparil defeat at hands at Corvus, he took the gate that he believed would take him to home, however was a gate to one of the many worlds that dpsaril and his army conquered. but there was a small prophecy that the people in the land of zared made before Dsparil took their world. "when the serpent falls at the feet of the Crow, there will born a new hope in zarek" // i havent finished to translate this wad so probably will find it weird in spanish. CANCELLED because i will work on a remake on this one

RFTH: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6oxa6ww1vy6973z/RFTH.rar (SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/ZqUvx#0)

nothing special, and unfinished, i always wondered how i would make hell maps since im not good at doing hell maps, (since i like to do more tech bases) the fog looks better in Gzdoom because zdoom make you see the map as "the deadly pinkish hell map that hurt your eyes" only 2 levels because i lost inspirtation for the third map. could be hard in some point (like the one in map02 where arachnotrons and mancubus come out from the room). look for the secrets may contain helpful stuff. beware with some stuff too. things arent like the way you see them.

the following maps dont have special plot or special things just maps that i made because i feel to make a random map however they are kinda old and some of them have unfinished maps (for example wady dont have a finished map02):

http://www.mediafire.com/download/y7ml0brmx115m9z/WADY.rar (screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/ApTP6#0)
http://www.mediafire.com/download/a51ankvl1j69vdh/gwad.rar (Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/XfsS8#0)

so im looking for what i can improve with my mapping. (and if someone can teach me too more about "map design" if i still need to learn something)


Edited by Z0k

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Out of curiosity i've tried the RFTH Mapset.
I'm not very familiar with ZDoom mapping so i can't give you really decent feedback about all the stuff you've implemented.
I allready noticed it while playing your contribution for "Mayhem2014", you've got good sense of architecure and generally shapes and those 3 maps here are quite well detailed too.
You should consider making some more limit removing/boom maps, i would definitly be interested in the result.

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well im just a mapper since ACS script or spriting isnt my thing, i use only Zdoom since it let me do things that if you take this then happen this, or if you kill this then happen this, and mostly the 3dfloors and stuff like that.

i can consider doing boom maps since one thing i liked when i worked with the map for mayhem2048 was that i have to make a good map with tons of limitations and that included no zdoom features. probably when i get some mapper blocks i can make vanilla map formats.

though i would like to see what i can improve as mapper...

EDIT: added some screenshots

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well as tourniquet suggested to me to try to make a boom map this how im going with the new map im working on:


(this one isnt finished yet.

I dont know when im going to finish this map since i dont know how big i should make the map (since my maps tend to last at least 30 mins).

i think im going to edit the first post with link to the album of the screenies of each wad (its possible to do that in imgur? toadd like a small preview of the album?). and when what you guys thinks i should improve? :)

EDIT: mmm its seems the code for image preview in forum isnt working for me...

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I don't see the problem. From your screenshots alone your a better mapper than 9/10 folks on this forum. You seem to have all the basics down. You even know how to add custom textures/items/enemies, you know how to use all the gzdoom/zdoom techniques. You are even creating constant room over room stuff, something i wish i knew how to do. What is it you mean by 'help becoming a better mapper'? Perhaps you are good at the aesthetic of mapping but could improve with the game play part? It seems to me your biggest problem is finishing and publishing maps. This also happens to be my biggest problem. I am sitting on the better part of a dozen 75% finished maps.

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Name: Map15.wad
Description: i like to do maps for freedoom due i liked the textures that freedoom have so work with them its pretty easy for me, i made this map for replacement for my old map15.wad RyJ told me he preferred to use this map to replace another unfinished work. until now i havent see this map in freedom2 so far. this map its also 100% vanilla compatible or with any other boom based source port. will need freedoom.wad to run this one, well can work with doom2.wad but there would be a bunch of missing textures.

Download file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5j92u1j8us4e6d2/map15.rar


all my wads (D2TWO and zdoom based wads) im looking on feedback about how those maps feels and how they go with the enemy i set since its the things that worries me (the ambience and feeling of the maps and the enemies set for them).

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FDA for D2TWO.

Really lovely ammount of detail throughout the whole level, very nice stuff.
Gameplay-wise this is not really my cup of tea with mostly small corridors and hitscanners lurking everywhere, though this is not meant to be some kind of critique since it's just not my personal preference.
No complaints. Hope you'll get some more appropriate feedback here.

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idk if it allowed to make a single thread for a single map. since im well fairly new to the forum (but not at mapping) i dont know about if it that allowed or not hehe. probably would be better to get feedback to the map in that way.

i just hope someday i improved my mapping so i can make fair maps without rely too much in teleports or floor revealing monsters (its a bad habit i got when i was working with a unfinished project called darkmoon)

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Z0k said:

idk if it allowed to make a single thread for a single map.

Of course you can do that. The "Wads & Mods" section has a lot of single map threads.

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